Deep Ree

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Post : President

Deep Ree's goal of creating Annam is to bring up-scale Indian food to the heart of Japan. CEO, Mr. Ree, who grew up in India and Nepal, moved to Japan in 1987. While most of India’s high-schoolers wanted to go to college overseas in England,  Europe, Australia or United States, Mr. Ree had a keen interest in Japan and its culture and decided to intend university in Japan. Mr. Ree holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business from Kwansei Gakuin University and MBA in Finance from Asian Institute of Technology. He is a recipient of Rotary and Lions Club Scholarships. Afterwards, he went on to work for top global investment bank for many years before starting his own Global Executive Search Firm, Z-Associates in Tokyo.


Meanwhile,  many of his family members migrated to Germany, United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland where they studied and became doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and bankers. His father owns a very nice hotel in the beautiful mountains of Pokhara, Nepal where Deep initially grew his love for Indian cuisine and learned many recipes at the hotel's restaurant. Mr. Ree has a great understanding of Japanese culture and language. He himself can speak more than seven languages due to his family's international exposure. Deep Ree is very down to earth and he himself stays in his restaurant to make sure that his customers are treated well.

Hari Kathari

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Post : Executive Chef

 Executive Chef Hari Kathri has great experience of cooking in Japan. Previously, he has has worked in some of the most popular Indian restaurants in Japan such as Dhaba India and Khayber for more than a decade. He can speak fluent Japanese and has a great sense and skill of cooking not only Indian style but anything. He has more than 20 years of cooking experience and is especially a master of combining Indian spices when he cooks.  Rather than continuing on about more of his credentials, you should come and try his food for yourself. You can challenge him and ask him any food that you would like to eat and most of the time he surprises his customer with his mastery of food.



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Post : Hall In-charge

Hom is a very welcoming nice Hall guy. He is multi-lingual, especially in English and Japanese and is most concerned with catering to your every needs so your experience at our restaurant is the best that it can be. He listens to each customer with a smile and serves them very gently.